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  1. There is nothing more pure than Vishnu Sahasranaam for anything in this Kali Yuga....Do never stop reciting it any time ... I am pleased with the firmness of your mind...Well nothing surprising...The one reciting Vishnu Sahasranaam is bestowed FRirmness Of Mind...Keep It Up...Go Go Go !!!
  2. Hello ! Kindly do not be disheartened...Raise your Bhakti for your Lord and let it shine inside you..Try to want to be happy and meditate upon your Lord with utmost devotion and respect... Read Vishnu Sahasranaam Stotram as many times in a day as you can...Do not force yourself to read it many times if you can not read it from the bottom of your heart...Read it from the bottom of your heart as many times as you would read or else it will all go waste... Always remember...Bhakti towards our Lord creates astounding effects...Have faith and your Lord will always be happy over you May Lord Vishnu Alway protect you and Bless You... Take Care
  3. Please send me Sahasranaam Storam As many as u have them...Thank You
  4. Hello Everybody , I am looking for Veerbhadra sahasranaam ( sanskrit version ) eagerly since days together...I would be grateful if some kind soul sends me it or the link to it...Plz help me friends.... ...Thank u so much all of u Regards, Harshal.
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