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  1. sorry, no attachment on this post, look for other postings i have left and there is one with them. thanks for your reply
  2. Hi there Vinayakan, it seems that you are the man in great demand for sanskrit translation. I have in fact already had a name translated into sanskrit, i would really appreciate it if you could verify that the translation is correct or not. Please take time to read attatched file. dank u well + tot ziens (sorry about the spelling)
  3. can anyone please verify to me that the attatched file is in fact the translation that it says it is. many thanks
  4. Hi there, Sorry to annoy anyone who is fed up with translating English names into sanskrit for tattoos. This is not for a tattoo but it is for me to be able to write my daughters name on a silk screen for her birthday. As you can see by the attatchment I have what I hope is her name, I would really appreciate it if some kind person could verrify that it is written properly. Many thanks Jimbobted
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