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  1. So you suggest that iam wasting my time here.. Is it becoz you dont have a relevant answer to my questions? The websites are mostly article based and has no meaning to me.The dharma_self_defense website is mostly about the Hindu teachings. I'll rather spend my time reading about Islam.If they had a forum then i would join, unfortunately they dont. Muslims these days dont understand the purpose of Jihad.They think just by making war or influencing others to begin a war, its called Jihad.This is not true.All muslims should know that when you enter Jihad and you die, you will be granted paradise. Thats why some Foolish muslims enter fake Jihads and think that god will give them paradise.They dont understand the true meaning of JIihad. Only if Islam is under attack then we can call it Jihad. So far there is no problems in Islam religion wise. Although we are criticized but thats just the opinion of the disbelievers. Islam is not a religion based on war or continous violence. Islam is a religion based on its teachings, the Quran. People see Islam by how the muslims behave. These muslims give Islam a bad reputation and thats why people tend to go against Islam. These muslims are not considered Muslims but Kafir.People should see Islam by its teachings and not by the muslims.Although i realise it is hard to avoid the Foolish Muslims by their actions.I guess people take these actions into consideration and turn away from Islam... Peace be upon you Brothers and Sisters...
  2. "Hindu's worhship cows? Then why do they drink milk? " Hindus worship their Mothers also. Do you ask a baby why he/she drink the mothers' milk? You havent answered the question. You just used an innocent baby to back up your answer.A baby cannot speak just like you can not give a proper answer. Its obvious that cows and mothers both provide Milk..They both provide nutrition. Is that why you Worship them? If this is the reason when why cant Hindu's worship Chicken? They provide us with eggs. God gave us life,shelter,food,Sunlight, Night,Day etc.. A cow or mother cannot give us these. Isnt it obvious that God should be worshipped only. He created your mother and the cow too!!
  3. So you believe that Parents are to be worshipped too... Who created you and your parents? GOD.. Everything in this world relates to God becoz these are his creation. God should only be worshipped alone. There are Billions of Parents all over the world. You cant possibly suggest that they all should be worshipped! It is quite clear that you dont understand the meaning of "Worship".Look up the word "Worship" before using it.. It is Referred to as devotion, idolize,adore as divine; honour with religious rites.You're getting yourself confused with the word 'worship' and having 'respect' for parents. If you can find it somewhere in the Quran that parents, mothers should be worshipped then use it to backup your answer if not forget about it... In the Quran it also states that Allah(god) should be worshipped alone.. Now you tell me where does it say that a mother should be worshipped. Foolish person, you've mistaken yourself from the Holy Quran. The Quran, Hadith does state that the Key to Heaven is under the mothers feet.It is referred to as having respect towards the mother, not to worship her. If you respect your mother and father, and keep them happy.Then God will grant you paradise.This is mostly regarded towards the mother as she is whom gave birth and the love from a mother is greater than a fathers love. The Quran, hadith will never state that a mother or parent should be worshipped. You have used the words from the Quran, Hadith the wrong way. If you have no idea or arn't sure what the words from the Quran mean then i suggest you dont use it.. Dont ever Mis-lead anyone from the Quran. If you dont know what it means then dont say it. One word of advise. The Quran is sacred and should NOT be messed with. All meanings in it is for a purpose. You mis-understood its meaning and it is considered a big sin. Dont do it again. All muslim Brothers and Sisters, have faith in Islam. GLORY BE TO ALLAH!!
  4. Only God(Allah) can remove obstacles in a persons life. What makes you so confident that Shree Ganesh removes obstacles in ur spiritual progress.... Since you quoted that "Hindus worships cows and even plants out of respect appreciation and compession". People respect their parents so does that mean they also should be worshipped... There are thousands of cows around the world.. Does that mean they all should be worshipped.Everything in this world dies human, cows, plants. God(Allah) will NEVER die.. He is the creator not a creation.Check your understanding in the Word Worship before using it!!! We are not allowed to kill another human being unless its JIHAD. To protect our religion, then we are allowed to kill, which is not a sin. How the Holy Prophet Mohammed S.W.S fought Jihad for the sake of Islam. Get your facts right before you criticize Islam!!!
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