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  1. Thakur Abhiram Paramahansa Dev (1904-1963) was a Hindu spiritual leader, freedom fighter and social reformer, who is revered as a Sant by his followers, and also know as “Shree Thakur”. He occupied a high position in the religious world and his contribution towards secularism, mankind and social reform. His thought is implanted in the minds and hearts of the people of Odisha(Orissa). His role during the period of great National movement in India, recognized him a partiot and true lover of mother India. http://www.AbhiramParamahansa.com JagatGuru Thakur Shree Abhiram Paramahansa Dev took birth on 18th January 1904 in a small village "Bhoipada" (Karamala Gramapada), which is under Jodaapadar P.O., Bramhagiri P.S., Kanasa Block of Puri district in Orissa (India). The holy place is now famous as KARAMALA.
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