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  1. I want to ask you a few questions Govindarajaa. I absolutely agree with the post of I_am_that...Ok my 1st question is what do you think people other than brahmins do not follow such tricks in office? My close friend who is a BRAHMIN was harrassed by a nonbrahmin senior just due to cast difference. The other people who where non brahmins though got less percentage in exams got immediate promotions. and my friend who got atleast 10% more than them was still struggling. Now the senior who did this is a Kshatriya. Is he following the laws of Kshatriya? my 2nd question is if you feel Brahmins are bad then why you need caste reservations? why you can't score more than BAD people in exam and straight away get admissions to colleges? A Shudra getting 55% will be a Doctor and a Brahmin with 95% will struggle for admission. Wow what quality Doctors and Engrs we will have in India? Can you think this way? my 3rd question is if we will have such low percentage students in colleges just due to caste system what will be our future? a MAMU doctor and a Circuit compunder looks nice in films but not in real life. But for thinking this way you need knowledge not by caste certificate mind you. get degrees of your own and promotions by efforts . If you feel Brahmins are harrassing you get more percentage and more work experience than them. and make them feel inferior by your efforts and not by reservations. By reservations you are making fun of yourselves. Stop talking about brahmins and concentrate on your work. You will get your goal. stop crying. there is no short cut for success.
  2. I have a question that I already worship shivlingam now can i keep Banalingam also at my house that means shivlingam and banalingam in the same house? If yes do i have to place them at different places? regards
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