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  1. ADI SANKARACHARYA had this cast diversity but later on lord shiva cleared his doubt by coming front of him as a begger sankara told the begger move away iam a bramin at that time begger (lord shiva) told who should move away its my body or me. then sankara bowed and he suddenly stucked with this question and suddnly realised what is the truth is chaithnyana in every human is one and the same only the dress he wears is different ie the body.
  2. I had read u r problem and i think this solution will help u first try to under stand what is god according to our Hindu religion god is something beyond everything it is within u me and every one. like words vivekananda said an an unperfected god i say the man and perfect man i say the god god is something which have no shape or size its something beyond . we can understand it when we go to higher level of spirituality .but you can have your own way of thinking about god in any name like ram shiva etc let me come into u r problem i think u do not have real faith in god that is why people often go to jothyshy in bhagavatham it is said that often going to jothyshies can destroy our heridity take any one god shiva,vishnu or devi as upasana murthi because every one is same and only the one then go deep in prayer whith the single murthi which u like .keep u r life in a systematic way getting up early,do good exercise bath then pray long u can use some of the common manthras like gayathri just relay on god which u love do not give up the hope . people think that god is some one who gives and takes its not like that the nature is responsible for each things man get called law of universe then the question arises who is god ? in simple way we can say he is the creator of this nature and universe by praying god in a fully devoted way without expecting anything is called real bhakthi this can lead u to perfectness to know the reality gradually u r life will change i have lot to advise u if u like my article please send replay om nama shivaya let god help u best of luck
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