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  1. Pancha-samskara officiated by Sri Rama Ramanuja Acharya on the 5th of June 2010 at Sriman Narayana Ashram, Brisbane, Australia YouTube - Pancha-samskara - 5th June 2010.
  2. UOTE=SRI KRISHNA THILAK;3055660]dear brothers and sisters of sri vaishnava dharma please help me to clarify the following doubts 1. what is samashrayanam ? 2. whom are eligible for it? how it can be done, if a person doesn't no, to which acharya or mutt his family belongs to? 3. what are the possible ways to spread vaishnava dharma in the present world like that of Ramanuja's period? with regards Sri Krishna Thilak Psychologist
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