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  1. Is it true that by chanting Hanuman Chalisa 108 times we can actually get to see Lord Hanuman. i read somewhere that someone did see the Lord in all his glory after reciting this prayer.
  2. The 21st century reeks of monotony and a lack of originality There is nothing much to enjoy as nature itself is in danger of being wiped out thanks to mindless procreation and unnecessary technological development.. if you get my drift.. God Mammon rules and even in the sacred instituion of marriage has been desecrated by the God of materialism. nobody wants true love anymore ,therefore is not sucide the easy way to achieve the divine for someone who has no more desires??? Any arguments???
  3. Why do people like you stay on in the US. Overly fussy and orthodox people are better off staying in India. I have noticed that this almost always people who are utter weirdos land up in the US. With weirdos like you I am saying right here!!!!
  4. Indians are losing their touch with the divine because we give too much importance to accumulating educational qualifications ,no importance is given to religious education. What we need in todays world are people who are happy and mentally strong rather than a bunch of weak kneed geeks who commit suicide at the slightest setback. That is why India has not progressed to the level that America has and that is why you find that Hinduism in particular is losing out. Than God that gurus like Sri Sri Ravishankar are promoting Hindusim and trying to awaken H the childlike nature in man! Unhealthy and foolish competition in the academic field has relegated religion to the background.Today we have machines and not human beings!!!
  5. I am fed up to the back teeth with this world. I have done a lot of good deeds and some bad deeds.However,to prevent further accumulation of bad karma I wish to renounce the world. Once I leave(maybe 4 years from now) I will definitely intimate all my friends here!!
  6. A person if he/she commits a crime should face the consequences in that birth itself.Only that will make the person turn inward. Only then will true realisation come. If i dont remember what good/bad that I have done then how can i justify the rewards/punishments given therafter. Your arguments do not have any logical standing here
  7. Yes I have read the Gita. Guest no person even if he is a Superman can meditate in the densely populated cities andd towns of India. Why do you think many of the yogis meditate in the Himamlays .Why dont they come to the cities. That is because you need a peaceful environment to meditate. One cannot live among human beings as i said earlier as one is again plagued by wants and desires. Also, the mind is in a state of constant turmoil, and that is why i advocate that one should be a hermit. Arent all yogis "escapists" in a way. If one has no desires and is also an escapist,he/she is the ideal yogi
  8. Dont live in the past. I agree that India was a land of superman in the past but what can one say about the India of today. We are slightly better off from other inferior nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Use your head, or,agai are you one of those "patriotic indians" who stay abroad and rave about India.What a bunch of hypocrites!!!
  9. The best thing is to be a hermit. Run away from all those boorish and corrupt people ,run away somwehere where no human beings exist and meditate!!!!
  10. Guest when our own people in India live like philistines how can you blame the West. When i look at a majority of the Indians i sometimes wonder how this country can be called a "great" country. A majority of these people are still caste ridden,superstitious(despite being educated) ,indisciplined,indifferent,boorish, selfish,dirty, uncivic minded,and corrupt to the core.
  11. What about all the sickness and suffering in the world.Do you want to classify that as an act of kindness by God . Do you think people are responsible for everything that happens to them.I dont think so!!
  12. No way I agree with guest . God has made this horrible world only to make people suffer. You are wrong.Every being wants to be with its loved ones.People pray to God to give them this and that but i am sure given a choice nobody would want to be with God,People would rather be with their loved ones!!! Ask anyone!!
  13. Is it better to concentrate on the concept of Brahman itself rather than 1000 devas ,heaven ,hell. I hope you get my drift Let us ignore Vailkuntam and Yamalogam and concentrate on being Brahman!!!
  14. What is the ultimate goal of man?. Man is Kshara so how does he attain complete salvation ,does he need to be achieve "Akshara"(Brahman) or an "Uttama"(Transcendent)or according to the Bhagavad Geeta a combination of "Akshara" and "Uttama"? Please answer ASAP!
  15. Is the ultimate goal being an Akshara(Brahman) or being an Uttama(Purushottama) or is it a mixture of both Akshara and Uttama. Please answer this ASAP!!!
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