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  1. I remember my mother crying and begging my father to stay, even saying she didn't care if he had affairs, to please just don't leave her. She stayed in bed crying for about 6 months. After that she pretty much disowned me for 10 years and became drunk and insane off and on for 10 years. My brother had a substitute father from the Big Brothers program and was molested by him for a few years.


    I am sure that my family would have been better off following vedic procedures, but I think that the real cause of this was a lack of common sense and a lack of love and friendship in our family and community. As my father would often tell me: "I may love you, but I don't like you."


    I think that the biggest help to this sort of problem can come not so much from our movement educating people about vedic rules and customs, but from our movement helping to establish love and a more sane mental state in the community. This will cause parents to care more about their children and also give them a peaceful mind so that they can have common sense.


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  2. Who is Ultraman? A red and silver giant alien from a popular 1966 Japanese live-action TV series, who comes to Earth to defend humanity from hostile monsters and aliens. He stands 40 meters tall, weighs in at 35,000 tons, and can fly at Mach 5.


    Posted Image


    How do the humans transform into Ultras? Most humans require a transformation device. Hayata was given the Beta Capsule, which he raises with his right hand to release the energy that turns him into Ultraman.


    Posted Image


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  3. This is a very good idea!


    I think that it should be somewhat controlled. Anyone should be allowed to see it, but they should get permission first. This way they will take it serious, and won't be sitting around eating a garlic pizza or whatever when they watch it.


    It would be great if they could interact with one of the devotees at the Temple that they are viewing, and get help in their devotional life.

  4. Many devotees overestimate people's willpower and their ability to choose between living and committing suicide. The truth is that people commit suicide to escape extreme suffering or because they are depressed.


    I remember devotees telling me that souls who are trapped on the hellish planets are not able to make good decisions because they are too distracted by their suffering. Insurance companies often cover death by suicide in their life insurance policies. They know that people don't always have real a choice, and they won't often commit suicide to get money for their families.


    At the same time, as suicide becomes more accepted for sick and terminally ill people, the doctors and hospitals will start coercing them to agree to kill themselves in order to save money. The best way to fight this is to empower people and value them and stand up for peoples self determination and give them hope, not make up silly ghost stories to threaten them with. All this talk about hell and being a ghost does not help to prevent suicide or give people a life worth living or give them the hope that things will get better.


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  5. Originally posted by valaya:

    Make sure to use the checkbox on the User ID dialog box to CHMOD the Add-in. Often the cause of this problem is just not taking advantage of that option.


    Still doesn't work. Thanks anyway!


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  6. The anti-spoofing in login box of my Notes client disappeared suddenly.

    When I switch another id, the login box alway prompt me to enter the

    password of previous user name. Have anyone experienced this before?


    another user came in and switch to John.id (John Wong/ACME)


    Then the login box prompt "Enter the password for DIN/O=ACME:"


    But it only accepted the DXR password.


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  7. In the US, religious organizations are tax free. Devotees can work at a job on the outside, give up to half of their money to the Temple tax free while living at the Temple for free. There is no reason to sell off Temple properties unless the mortgage just can't be kept up with and the Temple is losing equity. We have learned from experience, cash is too big of a temptation for our vaisha and sudra Temple management.


    I agree with stonehearted that restaurants are probably too difficult to make profitable. I think something like packaged food products would be better.


    It is incredible how our movement wastes talent. Our devotees are discouraged from thinking or anything else that could free them from the control of the Temple management. Again, this is due to fact that vaishas and sudras have displaced our brahmins.


  8. The problem is that Iskcon is mostly run by vaishas and their sudras. Vaishas are good at memorizing books and organizing, and this can be vital to society. But in Iskcon they have displaced the brahmins and are not out making money like they should be, but are struggling to continue to exploit Iskcon society.


    I very much agree with you that we need to start businesses, but under the current situation it may be counter productive. I think that the proper policy toward Iskcon management would be similar to the US policy toward Iraq; sanctions, inspections and constant pressure. But also with dialog, constructive engagement and rewards for good behavior and reforms.


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  9. These are some topics from the Spiritual Discussions forum. Search engines will not visit the actual pages that list these links because they are .cgi. If they tried to follow .cgi pages on these forums, they would get stuck following endlessly generated .cgi pages.


    I might be able to get google's spider to crawl this page soon, maybe.



    Audarya Fellowship means US


    The Scientific Dating of the Mahabharat War


    Please allow Talasiga back


    Should Mayavadis be banned from the Audarya Fellowship?


    Simply Poetry


    Dharma-mela discussion


    What happened to VINA?


    Is the Koran derived from Manu Samhita?


    City older than Mohenjodaro unearthed


    Footprints of Srila Prabhupada


    The Golden Rule


    Is Talasiga banned?






    Tolerance and Humility


    Does darwin need a mental health professional? What type?


    New Research on Dwarka


    Caste System


    Diksa and Siksa Gurus


    George Has Left


    Talasiga's Poetry




    John sang Krsna 'fore George


    To Tarun


    History of meat-eating in India


    Ramayana television series


    Modern Architecture & Sacred Space


    O fools, just read SrI Caitanya-mangala !


    Message from Krsna


    Srimati Radharani (Supreme Goddess)


    Celibacy reform


    Begging to be sent to hell


    The path is open


    The Gospel of Jesus Christ


    The heart and soul of a Krsna-devotee


    Is it true?


    Favorite Paintings


    is jesus of the bible really krishna?


    The dating of Chandragupta Maurya


    The Divine Mother ....Her Birth




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  10. I definitely don't want a repeat of the last time I went to a psychiatrist. Several years ago, I had the medical insurance that the employees, students, professors and staff at Harvard University get. That insurance forces you to go to their University staff to get recommendations for further visits. I had a friend with mental problems who was a Harvard University student, and he told me to go the psychiatrist who was the head of the psychiatry department at Harvard.(I think his name was Dr Katlin) It was a miserable visit. He asked me where I met my wife, (I later learned that this is a way to try to find out a persons social/religious background) I told him that I met her at the Temple. He asked me what I did at the Temple. I told him that I chant. He then said "that could drive a person insane". I immediately said "or sane". The whole session was abusive and nasty. I couldn't believe this type of thing could happen these days. We had talked for about 45 minutes, with him asking all the questions. He refused to recommend me for further visits to other professionals.


    A few weeks later, I went back to get a copy of what he had written about me. All he had written was a one line bogus diagnosis, and: "His house is furnished by things he got in the trash. He goes to the Hare Krishna temple. He is married to a (my wife's race!)."


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  11. My health insurance will now pay for me to visit a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health professional. It will pay the full price.


    I am not sure how I should approach this.


    I don't want to start taking their drugs. I am pretty much against drugs. I won't even smoke marijuana. I don't think I would ever have started on drugs if my father hadn't gotten me started on marijuana when I was 14 years old.


    I don't want to "get my life together" or any other such unpleasant thing. I would like it to be more like "The Bob Newheart Show". I knew a rabbi who was also a psychiatrist, but he moved away. His patients would jump on his trampoline in his backyard.


    What do you recommend?


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  12. I am being redirected to http://www.indiadivine.com/ubb/spellchecker/spch.js whenever I click on the thing to post or edit a message. This makes it impossible to post.


    I was using Netscape 4.61. I turned off javascript and that solved the problem. The problem does not occur when I use Internet Explorer.


    If you are using Netscape and have this problem, turn off javascript by clicking:








    Then deselect "enable java script" and click "OK"


    You may want to reenable java script later, you need it to make some things work, like this websites password save, and to get some links to work when you click on them(not on this website, though).




  13. The post from xvi000, and all the posts from everyone responding to it are gone. Could they have been removed by the moderator? There was nothing even slightly offensive in any of the posts and there has been no explanation. Is India Divine self-destucting just like VNN, or did some technical error cause all the posts from that time period to get lost?


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  14. I managed to wake up and go to Mangala Arati. This is quite an accomplishment for me. I have always had difficulty making myself get out of bed.


    Before my alarm clock went off, I was dreaming I was a cow in a nature documentary on public television. I was part of a big herd of wild cows. It was in the middle of winter, and we were on a frozen lake. It had rained somewhere else, and the rain had caused a river to flood and bring water to the frozen lake. The water was flowing over the ice near us. We were all very thirsty, and we ran happily to the water and lapped it up. That is when my alarm went off.

  15. Hari Bol Bhakta Don prabhu!


    It's been a while since I've talked to you. Here is the dream description from that email:


    "I dreamed a very nice devotee had stuffed a rolled up newspaper into my toilet, leaving it hopelessly clogged. What can that mean? It's too bad. The dream started out well and went on for a long time with wonderful Devotees and opulent but cozy and welcoming Temples. I think it may have turned bad because I was over sleeping."


    It is interesting to hear from you now and that you mention that dream. I have allot of trouble with my sleep cycle. I can't go into it right now because I need to try to sleep so I can get up at 3:00 AM to go to Mangala Arati. It is 8:56 PM here. I wasn't able to go the last 3 days, so I really should go tomorrow.


    Hare Krishna!


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  16. Some of you must have been praying for me. Over the last 2 weeks I have:


    Been chanting quite allot more than I had been.


    Stopped eating garlic and onion.


    Shaved off my foot long beard.


    Been going to Mangala Arati almost every day.


    Started wearing a dhoti and Tilak at the Temple.


    And a few other improvements in my thoughts and behaviors that I am now too well behaved to discuss!


    Thank you for your kind thoughts.


    Hari Bol!



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