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  1. Hi Ramesh, Anything we eat should be in moderation. I firmly believe that you can't eliminate one group of food totally. You have to reduce the portion size. I love dry fruits but it is not as healthy as fresh ones. These days vegetables consumption should be priority one, then comes fruits, carbohydrates, proteins (plant is better over animal protein), Fats are essentials too, like Omega-3 fatty acids. There are good fats and bad fats, like wise there are good carbs and bad ones too. I prefer whole grain/multi grain compared to white bread. If you happen to like Dates & dry fruits then just take 1-2 dates chop 'em into pieces and garnish 'em on your salad. Always start with veggies then carbs and then proteins. Some cultures insist on having some dessert/sweet before starting your meal that way you are satisfied and rest of the meal will help keep insulin rush busy. Best of all its very important to stay quite, pay attention to your food and chew it few more times to enjoy it thoroughly. Hope these tips help you. Btw your name looks very familiar. Do I know you? Best wishes, Jyothi Challa
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