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  1. Why bother? He admits his intent was to show how messed up everyone is and that he has the answer to save the movement. Just read the first paragraph of his last post above this one. He doesn't care what we think and he obviously doesn't want to stop eating meat; if he actually does (is that also part of the game?) It was all a game to create a ruckus. It was a powerplay. Complete waste.
  2. And Allen, you are another example of a huge problem in this world - duplicity. You are perfect. Let us know when you start accepting disciples. Thanks for wasting our time.
  3. Ask the doctor to check him for parasites. Doctors in the United States won't often think of testing for parasites but it is a very common cause of stomach distress. Certain parasites can enter the body thru the skin between the toes particularly in hot tropical climates such as India and if the person walked on the ground barefoot. Remember animals do not use bathrooms but use the ground. Then there is the possibility of contaminated water and food. I will pray for your friend to be well soon. Please let us know how he does.
  4. Please give the reference for this. Which disk is it from? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion of the sending them to Christian veggie sites. This could come in very very handy!
  6. Can you please post the links to the Christian Vegetarian sites?
  7. As long as man kills animals and eats their flesh; there can be no true and eternal peace. And if God had meant for man to fly; he would have given him wings. And they will continue to come back and live long lifes in this hellish material world until they learn to quit killing and eating their brothers.
  8. Miracle Gro contains a substance called Urea Phosphate. Isn't Urea urine? The most common place for a company to obtain urine for their products is a slaughterhouse. I was told by a temple Tulasi caretaker that he uses Miracle Gro. Is Urea Phosphate something different from a urine product?
  9. Another meat eater thread in the Hindu Discussion section of this forum http://www.audarya-fellowship.com/forums/hinduism/43014-eating-meat.html
  10. I agree with the guest that told you to just do it. Sorry if it offends you but I say it like it is. I have been vegetarian since the late sixties and the longer I don't eat meat the more the idea of torturing the animals sickens me. If you can still eat meat or it makes you want to eat it all the more after hearing that they too suffer and feel fear and pain then I feel badly for you. I also agree that if you go to the temple and eat the Krishna prasadam and chant then your heart will begin to soften. Good luck.
  11. Is there more than one person using Anadi i.d.?
  12. Thank you for clarifying that. Next time just say something like "I think what Prabhupada really said was...." or "Are you sure? I seem to remember...."
  13. Sorry, got it backwards. Prabhupada told us that preaching is the essence and books are the basis. BTW, you don't have to yell to get your point across Anadi.
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