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  1. The whole Ramji Mandir issue is far from Bhakthi, Dharma and Vaishnavism. This issue was started centuries ago by extreme muslims who in their vain attempts tried to conqure the sathya sanathan vedic dharma. They inflicted volience and terror on our ancestors, however today we should not take up as extremism which is islam is diseased by. Building a mandir for Sri Ram is Bhajan, it should be done in the mood of bhakthi and shanti (peace), we have seen that the proponents of the Ram mandir project are political organisations such as the VHP and RSS. Since fundamentalist Hindus set foot on babri masjid in 1992, innocent lives have been lost, so much hate has been spread. Here in the west midlands in england muslims set my local mandir on fire 2 days after the babri mosque was destroyed. So tell me my vedic brothers and sisters, is this the proper process build Ram Mandir in the Holy Dhama or Ayodya???? Is this Bhajan and dharma????? The scriptures adovate voilence for the sake of dharma, but that is under strict regulation, wars for the sake of dharma are fought when all peaceful paths fail and occur between Kshatriya men in battlefeilds far from innocent people.. Over the past decade so many women and children have been killed in Roits and bombs in Bombay, Ghodra etc.. i feel angered at what the muslims did to our ancestores and to our temples, but we should channel our anger in the most dharmic and peaceful way.. why dont we all gather on the banks of the yamuna and clean the waters form pollution...why dont we gather tree saplings from every indian village to re-plant the defrosted woods and groves in vrindavan.. This volience whether from a hindu or muslim does not please our beloved Sri Rama Jai Sri Rama
  2. Our statvika Shastaras always predict the incarnations of Bhagavan and his bhaktas, so jeevas like us are not fooled by imposters who claim to be an avatar such as Sai baba. In the various Vaishnava sampradayas some important figure heads are beieved to be avatars or empowered beings (hamsa avatars) of the associats of Krishna or Krishna himself. For exmaple Gaudiyas see Chaitanya as Radha-Krishna Jugal avatar, and point to certian Shasatras as evidence. So does anyone know the theology and scriputural evidence of the following Vaisnava figures who are beileived to be of some divine origin- 1) Sti Madhavacharaya- who tattvavaddi vaishnavas regard as vayu incarnate in kali yug. 2) Sri Ramanujacharya- who in the Sri SAmparadaya is regarded as a expansion of Adi sesa 3) Sri Andal- one of the 12 alwars regadeed as Bhudevi incarnate. Infact all the alawars are reagarded by Sri Vaishnavas a expanisons of various attributes and attendents of Narayan (ie, sankham, gada, etc) 4) Sri Nimbarka- sudharshana chakram incarnate 5) Sri Vallabacharya of pustimarg regared with some divinity (of which i am not certain but i think he is Sri Mukharvinda/sri Mukham- lotus face of Bhagavan) Jai Sri Krishna
  3. Vishnu Murthies are generally shown a Blue, Krishna for exmaple is described as a dark rain cloud. Howevere iv seen pictures of lord Rama painted in a green colour, is there any reason why??????
  4. Sudharshana Gayathri Manthra Oom Sudharshanaya Vidmahey Maha Jwalaya Dheemahe Tanno Chakra Prachodayaat
  5. Jai sri krishna In chapter 8 of the 10th skanda of the bhagavtam the Gopees of Vraj approach Matha Yoshoda to complian about Krishna and Balarma stealing butter and curds. In verse 29 the gopees describe the playful activities of Sri Bhagavan: "Our dear friend Yaśodā, your son sometimes comes to our houses before the milking of the cows and releases the calves, and when the master of the house becomes angry, your son merely smiles. Sometimes He devises some process by which He steals palatable curd, butter and milk, which He then eats and drinks. When the monkeys assemble, He divides it with them, and when the monkeys have their bellies so full that they won't take more, He breaks the pots. Sometimes, if He gets no opportunity to steal butter or milk from a house, He will be angry at the householders,"...... SB,10.8.29 From knowledge of other shatras or oral traditions does anyone know if Sri Hanuman ji is amongst the monkies mentioned in this verse????????????? Thanks and Jai Sri Krishna
  6. The weapons of sudharshana form the right side from the top are-(1) Cakra(discus), (2) Parasu (the battle-axe), (3) Kunta (the spear), (40 Danda (the club), (5) Ankusa (the goad), (6) Agni(the flame), (7) Nistrimsa (the sword) and (8)Sakti (the spike). The eight on the left side hands are (9) Paanca-janya (the conch), (10) Saarnga (the bow), (11) Paasa( the noose), (12) Seera (the plough), (13) Vajra (the thunderbolt), (14) Gadaa (the mace), (15) Musala (the pestle) and (16) Trisoola (the trident). -from sodasayudha stotra-Vedanta Desika
  7. The tsumani is natural disaster. Our sharstras like the Geeta tell us that we live in the materal world which is always subject to creation-destruction, birth and death, nothing is permenanent like it is in Paramapadam Vaikuntha. Natural disasters are just manifestations of the material energy. Bhagavan does not punish or curse, Our worldly suffering and joy accodring to the Geeta are due to karma or reaction of past action. Bhagavan does not therefore punish being under the influence of matrial energy we cause our suffering, God is there ready for us at anytime when we want to be free of all these things. so Please dont think that GOD makes us suffer.
  8. Jai Sri Krishna I understand that Sri (Ramanuja) VAisnavas worship Bhagavan largely in mood of awe and Reverence as opposed Sweetness, hence their priority of murthies such as Laxminarayan and Rukmini Krishna in worship. Radha and Krishna worship is generally associated with worship in a mood of madhuraya or sweetness whcih is important in Gaudiya and NImbarka VAishnavism. What is the official position held in the Sri Vaishnava Sampraday concerning Radha. Thanks
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