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    Hello codisil,

    For your age I don't think any advice is necessary. People of all ages run into problem in spite of inbuilt ability to find the difference between right and wrong or anger and cool. Why ? It is the inherent 'ego' that makes everyone feel that why should one change course when they are on the right side . This brings in anger and then slowly leads to hatred and finally to separation.


    These factors bring in havoc in those people whose kundali contain elements of discord by way of kroora grahas or planets positioned in strategic places.


    The period is not good for both of you now and it lasts atleast till the end of the year 2010. In the long run this period extends till 2013.


    It is advisable for both of to tone your anger and ego in the interest of children.

    Don't question as to who should start first. Some one has to start. If you feel as to why 'I' should start, that itself is a clear indication of the ego playing its devil role.


    Planet 'Sun' is your atma karaka, the king of the chart. When such people try to rule,

    naturally opposition comes in one way or the other. 'Sacrifice', the element that brings success in married life is hard to practice but it seems to be the only way.

    It is the theme of marriage.


    Will you do it ?


    Choose any mantra known to you and chant with utmost devotion and faith. All mantras produce good results and there is no difference between them if God wishes to bless. He is the ultimate. The prayer in the form of appeal to him and then practicing it in day to life is the crux of mantras.


    If you know astrology, I can tell you the exact 'dates' that can bring in fights. Basic techniques have been taught by our sages and it is we who have thrown them to the dust bins.





    Thanks for the advice. The problem is more than ego. more than exact dates that will bring the fight i want to know what can be done to preserve sancity in my marriage till 2013

  2. My dob is May 9 1977

    place; Hyderabad India

    Time 1.42 AM



    My husbands DOB is august 21 1974

    place is Guntur India

    Time: 10.21 PM


    We ahve 2 daughters

    Eldest: Dob March 16 2005

    Place HArtford, CT, USA

    Time: 2.07 AM


    Youngest: Dob july 24 2010

    place : Hartford CT USA

    Time: 7.24AM


    We got married in oct 12 2000 and from then on there is always some fights no peace in marital life and recently from a month the fights have increased so mmuch that physical abuse is becoming regular and there is no peace in life. Are there any stireas that i can recite to reduce the tensions and bring happiness to my marital life. WE live in USA so please tell me what i can do to reduce the discord and bring peace and happiness to the marital life.

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