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  1. Thanks for the advice. The problem is more than ego. more than exact dates that will bring the fight i want to know what can be done to preserve sancity in my marriage till 2013
  2. My dob is May 9 1977 place; Hyderabad India Time 1.42 AM My husbands DOB is august 21 1974 place is Guntur India Time: 10.21 PM We ahve 2 daughters Eldest: Dob March 16 2005 Place HArtford, CT, USA Time: 2.07 AM Youngest: Dob july 24 2010 place : Hartford CT USA Time: 7.24AM We got married in oct 12 2000 and from then on there is always some fights no peace in marital life and recently from a month the fights have increased so mmuch that physical abuse is becoming regular and there is no peace in life. Are there any stireas that i can recite to reduce the tensions and bring happiness to my marital life. WE live in USA so please tell me what i can do to reduce the discord and bring peace and happiness to the marital life.
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