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  1. Well to lets down to the knitty gitty of the religions that you have listed lets remember the one thing that all of them have in common. Love and devotion to God. I never believe that differnt religions are wrong in fact they are all put together by great devotees of God. At the times in history they spoke to the people of differnt orgins and explained God to them in a way that they can understand. For instance Mohammed spoke to the people during a time of war so his message was very strong and basically gave them permission to kill the invaders of thier land. All religion is a little different but if one is worshipping the supreme being of the universe and loving and serving him how can that be a wrong religion. The subject of right and wrong religion has always been politcal it is the powers that be that make are laws. And it is what they believe that has divided religion through history. The crusades for instance, the rulers of England wanted to purge the middle east and bring Christianty to there. Jesus was killed because the powers that be, didn't belive his message. The healers of the old world were burned at the stake and hung because the rulers didn't understand simple things like putting molded bread on an infected wound, when in fact it was a antibiotic. So my final statement is don't be concerned with who is right and who is wrong try to first understand what is the relationship with God in the differnt religions that you come across then try to understand your relationship with God. If you are truely loyal and serve God with all your heart he will help you find your way to him.
  2. thanks for the info it will sure come in handy. I am going in january and i will be sure to tell you about my experiance.
  3. I will be going to the temple in Pheonix for the first time. I will be there for the sunday sermon and feast. I do not want to offend any devotees because of my ignorance. I am looking forward to the trip. It is a four hour drive to get there so it is difficult to go often. If there are any words of advice about proper respect to show for devotees, because i do not want to offend them or Krshna. The only knowledge i have is out of the Bhagavad-gita. Also are there any books that anyone would reccomend for me to read would also be appreciated.
  4. Our relationship is great i love her to death and i do practice at home and try to get her involved. What brought me to Krshna was through lucid dreaming. I have practiced it for 25 years. It happened when i was dreaming and i decided to stop my dream totally. I centered myself on AUM in the dream then when everything stopped and went black then i dropped the Aum and held the state of no mind. Which in turn i suddenly felt joy and bliss then evrything went blue and a saw a person what looked like was on the other side of a see through curtain. Blue skin bueatiful person i wasn't sure who or what it was but the joy that i was feeling was better than anything i have felt in the past. The person was motioning me to come with hand signals. I didn't realize it untill i was down a a used book store and picked up a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita and saw the same person in the book. Since then i have realized that it was my paratama. Now if the knowlege and bliss from the paratama are only partial i am afraid that if i am blessed enough to recieve full knowlege and bliss from krshna then i may not want to return and deal with the material world. But still I pray for krshna to have mercy on my wife and help her grow more aware of God and help us grow more spirtually together. thank you for your info on the subject
  5. Proof, Heh tell you what you introduce me to Jesus and let me shake his hand and then i'll introduce you to krshna until then do what Jesus has said many times Have Faith In God and serve him.
  6. I am pretty new to Krshna Conciousness. I have been reading the Bhagavad-Gita everyday for 6 months now. I have studied relgion for many years and fell in love with Krshna. I am at a point now where i want to meet with a spirtual master so i can progess spirtually. I want to join a temple but I am afraid that I might not want to leave. My wife is not a spiritual person but she as agreed to let me join a temple for six months. I love her very much but God comes first for me. I am concerned of what affect this might have on her if my desire to stay is greater. I would appreaciate any comments from devotees who have had simular delimas.
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