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  1. Dear all, I am Bryan (23 years old) and I wildcraft herbs for a living in the few remaining forests of North America. I'm on a mission of hope and education but sometimes there seems like very little hope left. I am discouraged because western ways and man’s greed have poisoned our planet. Western companies like 'Monsanto' have deliberately destroyed many plant species with the intention of controlling our world’s food supply with their GMO. Monsanto has even most of the worlds cotton under their control. What would Gandhi advise us to do about BT cotton? The World Bank has many countries under their control because of the debts we owe. USA owes over nine trillion dollars. That’s 387,000,000,000 Rupees. England owes 903.billion Euros. That’s 53,277,000,000 Rupees. (Hope my math is right.) India owes billions too but what I’m getting at is that our world’s economy is crashing and the people are surly to suffer for this. I am young and have no money but I shout across the world via the Internet to tell the people that there is hope, that the future can be bright even if statistics prove otherwise. I believe that man the parasite can live in harmony with our planet. I turn to this list for answers. Why does Warren Buffet not spend a slight fraction of his fortune to drill wells in the waterless places of the world? He has the money to set up a billion windmills atop wells but he does not and we fight yet another battle at the watering hole. I was raised in a world where money is religion and I have very little knowledge of such things but I respect all religions for I see much good in all of them. I shall ask you then and place a little faith when all else has failed. How do I reach people with my message and how do we save this lovely planet from ‘Man the Parasite?’ I was born on 8/18/87 I have tried but no one wants to hear about this. I write things like the below and post them to many lists worldwide but I rarely even get a reply or I get banned. I am very discouraged in my quest. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you ~Bryan Our greatest and most effective weapon against the insanities of man is Education. This is a call to arms to all authors, inventors, artists, musicians and people of aesthetic nature. The masses must be educated on pro-survival technologies and some of the most effective teaching methods involve aesthetics. Earth needs you to: Write solutions into the minds of our youth and paint the planet saving technologies into your works of art. Sing education unto the ears of the world and write songs of solutions to man's many problems. Spread the ideas of self-sufficiency and green living to all corners of the globe. Teach mankind to be out spoken with education through art. Dance for love, scream across the Internet for the cleanliness of our oceans, plant a seed for the future. If you are not of aesthetic nature you can still disseminate the pro-survival technologies, find a way, this in its self is being creative. If you (the reader) feel any love for life on Earth or compassion for people you will answer this call to arms with the action of loading your knowledge, cocking you creativity and firing a round of aesthetics to all the people around you. Let your ideas catch fire and burn in the minds of the ignorant. They'll catch on and man the fool will be no more. ~B
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