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  1. My son is 19yrs,Birth date-03 Apr1991 ,place-dew Delhi ,Time-1452hrs. He is not too keen on anything nor focussed on to a career/education,remains quiet and reserved by nature. Takes up any study/hobby but looses interest and gives up. Can you predict his education, career friends, faith in God/spiritual interests.
  2. Whereas Hinduism never tries to preach for converting persons of other faiths, Christians do so by crafty preachings and material inducements. Muslims do so by force. Why is this kind of attitude of believing in the feeling of strength in numbers. Do they need to be the self appointed agents of Jesus/Allah? Do they feel that with out their conversion efforts their religion will not survive? Is it not lack of faith in their own God/Messenger of God that they are adopting this conversions rather than use their effort for the betterment of this Universe.
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