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  1. I stopped around 7am cause I had to go somewhere...
  2. As a relgion and economics major, your 5 points are intresting to me, but unfortunately are just as whimsical, idealistic, and shallow as those of any other new convert, no matter what the faith. I think its great if you want to be a Muslim, at least get some real facts and spiritual rationale for your decision or else you'll might end up just as those wacko gun-waving morons on T.V.! LOL!
  3. I always thought the Walrus song was by Paul.
  4. There are hundreds if not thousands of yogas. I don't know about the particular one you mentioned for certain, but I do know it is not a major one by any means, although it is not bad as the planets are friendly, it depends in which bhava they sit as well. btw, I came across a yoga for decapitation. Luckily I have never seen it in a chart.
  5. Fine with me as long as my sandals don't get stolen while I'm inside.
  6. Maybe Ramboru sent it herself to VNN because Chakra wouldn't put it up? What does it matter anyway? The point is, it is most likely true, and is disturbing on many levels for many of us who have either experiences or witnessed such cruelty in the name of "preaching".
  7. Excellent point, and worth much reflection.
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