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  1. Jai Gurudev/.. Request, if you could please upload the file again. At the moment, its not available at Gurudham owing to change of printing press. Any help would be appreciated. if you prefer emailing it let me know and I will drop you a test mail or share mine. Regards M
  2. I have found good amount of literature on Advaita - Shankar Bhashya on Brahamsutra, Vivek Chudamani etc. However, I am not aware of any good treatise on Dvaita. Can anyone help me with some good literature on same? Also, is there any scholarly study that compares the two? Thanks..
  3. While going through various mythological literature, I stumbled and need some help from senior members to understand the difference in below four subtle energies. 1. Yoga Shakti 2. Tapo Bal 3. Kundalini 4. Yog Maya Please help Thanks
  4. There are four Yantra's prescribed for wealth 1. Sri Yantra 2. Maha laxmi Yantra 3. Kanak Dhara Yantra 4. Kuber Yantra What I am struggling to find out: 1. If a person already has Sri Yantra would it help to additionally have Kuber or any other yantra from above? 2. If a person has Sri Yantra, would there be any need for Maha laxmi Yantra or Kanak Dhara Yantra or Kuber Yantra? Does it go along in combination? Doesnt Sri Yantra include all these? Any views? Cheers
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