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  1. Dear Sasi sir, thanks for the informations...will surely follow these... by the way, our muhurtham is between 6-7.30am.....and was tied around 7 to 7.15am on 10-Mar-2008
  2. Hi Everyone, I got married 2.5 yrs back and we are still to be blessed with a child..... can anyone explain what aspects of persons horoscope are important to read issues related to conception and childbirth? my details are date of birth: 23-feb-1983 place of birth:Thanjavur-Tamilnadu time: 06.15 am My husband details: date of birth: 11-May-1983 place of birth: Salem-Tamilnadu time: 12.07pm we got married on 10-March-2008... Both of us have undergone tests...his reports are normal where as i have been diagonised with mild PCOD..Dr.told its not upto the level of affecting fertility but still asked me to take medicines and am continuing it....Sometimes Dr feels bad as she could not come up with any solutions.she is telling " its a sort of unexplained infertility pls pray God".... with this problem , i lost my job also....i didnt get job for nearly 1 year.....My husband's job is also not stable.... Please analyse our horoscope and tell us 1)when we will have child : Any remedies/prayers that we need to do? 2) will my pregnancy smooth? 3) when i will get job 4) how will be my husband's career front? This is really a tough phase in my life.... Please help me
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