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  1. :confused::confused::eek3::eek3: Why you people are comparing characters or gods of different religions? What the hell is going on here?? Every one should feel to be born in mankind.Thats all dont make a big mistake of comparing gods /characters of religions.
  2. :mad: Shiva is attibute less . He is lord of pancha brahmas (brahma,vishnu,rudra,shankara,maheshwara) .On his(Sada Shiva) order pancha brahmas perform five activities like srishti,sthiti,laya,thirodaanam,anugraham to run this universe systematically.But all this pancha brahmas are equal in power Jai Mahadev
  3. :rolleyes2: Plz try to know who is rudra ,shankara,maheshwara.The Lord shiva is beyond the pancha brahmas like brahma,vishnu,rudra,shankara,maheshwara .He (Shiva) is maintains or runs this infinite universe by five activities (srishti,sthiti,laya,thirodhaanam and anugraham) done by pancha brahmas.Pancha brahmas are equally powerfull but it is SadaShiva who is beyond pancha brahmas. That's why there is a panchakshari maha mantra which is ruling the universe. Plz try to know this ,then post thread. Jai Mahadev
  4. Lord Shiva is different from lord rudra, lord maheshwara and lord shankara. He is the lord of pancha brahmas .He is attributeless and has no form that's he is worshipped in a linga(symbol) form thats why this form is called "aroopa roopi".Plz if you don't know about infinite sadashiva then try to know about Lord shiva. Om Namah Shivaya
  5. Thank you for your research on great lord shiva
  6. Har Har Mahadev Can you tell me who are the pancha brahmas?
  7. :redface: Jambavathi wife of Lord Krishna asked him to worship lord shiva to obtain powerful child.As per her wish Lord Krishna made tapasya for Lord shiva for many years .After the arrival of mahadev ,lord krishna asked 8 boons and one of them was to attain victory over anyone (including lord shiva)who fights against him. That's why inorder to keep his word (boon) lord shiva has been defeated by krishna and shiva fought with krishna because of his affection on his beloved devotee Baanaasura. Jai Mahadev......Jai Jai Mahadev
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