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  1. Chapter 2. Contents of the Gita Summarized TEXT 61 tani sarvani samyamya yukta asita mat-parah vase hi yasyendriyani tasya prajna pratisthita SYNONYMS tani--those senses; sarvani--all; samyamya--keeping under control; yuktah--being engaged; asita--being so situated; mat-parah--in relationship with Me; vase--in full subjugation; hi--certainly; yasya--one whose; indriyani--senses; tasya--his; prajna--consciousness; pratisthita--fixed. TRANSLATION One who restrains his senses and fixes his consciousness upon Me, is known as a man of steady intelligence. PURPORT That the highest conception of yoga perfection is Krsna consciousness is clearly explained in this verse. And, unless one is Krsna conscious, it is not at all possible to control the senses. As cited above, the great sage Durvasa Muni picked a quarrel with Maharaja Ambarisa, and Durvasa Muni unnecessarily became angry out of pride and therefore could not check his senses. On the other hand, the king, although not as powerful a yogi as the sage, but a devotee of the Lord, silently tolerated all the sage's injustices and thereby emerged victorious. The king was able to control his senses because of the following qualifications, as mentioned in the Srimad-Bhagavatam: sa vai manah krsna-padaravindayor vacamsi vaikuntha-gunanuvarnane karau harer mandira-marjanadisu srutim cakaracyuta-sat-kathodaye mukunda-lingalaya-darsane drsau tad-bhrtya-gatra-sparse 'nga-sangamam ghranam ca tat-.-saroja-saurabhe srimat-tulasya rasanam tad-arpite padau hareh ksetra-padanusarpane siro hrsikesa-padabhivandane kamam ca dasye na tu kama-kamyaya yathottama-sloka-janasraya ratih "King Ambarisa fixed his mind on the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, engaged his words in describing the abode of the Lord, his hands in cleansing the temple of the Lord, his ears in hearing the pastimes of the Lord, his eyes in seeing the form of the Lord, his body in touching the body of the devotee, his nostrils in smelling the flavor of the flowers offered to the lotus feet of the Lord, his tongue in tasting the tulasi leaves offered to Him, his legs in traveling to the holy place where His temple is situated, his head in offering obeisances unto the Lord, and his desires in fulfilling the desires of the Lord... and all these qualifications made him fit to become a mat-parah devotee of the Lord." (Bhag. 9.4.18-20) The word mat-parah is most significant in this connection. How one can become a mat-parah is described in the life of Maharaja Ambarisa. Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana, a great scholar and acarya in the line of the mat-parah, remarks: "mad-bhakti-prabhavena sarvendriya-vijaya-purvika svatma-drstih sulabheti bhavah.The senses can be completely controlled only by the strength of devotional service to Krsna." Also, the example of fire is sometimes given: "As the small flames within burn everything within the room, similarly Lord Visnu, situated in the heart of the yogi, burns up all kinds of impurities." The Yoga-sutra also prescribes meditation on Visnu, and not meditation on the void. The so-called yogis who meditate on something which is not the Visnu form simply waste their time in a vain search after some phantasmagoria. We have to be Krsna conscious--devoted to the Personality of Godhead. This is the aim of the real yoga.
  2. http://photobucket.com/albums/v309/doctorzuzu/ is a pretty huge sketchbook, I will keep updating with more. hope you enjoy.
  3. Do any of you know why the tsunamis happen, what karma might have set off this event? Was god mad? can you predict things like this, or find a reason why? or is this just useless speculation.
  4. Is radhe the godess of fortunes?? I am confused, is not radhe krishnas wife? then why does it say in the gita that the godess of fortune is krishnas wife? please lift my ignorance
  5. http://www.asitis.com/1/1.html Hare Krishna
  6. You dont have to insult her, we all make mistakes... ....here are more things i made with photoshop :-D
  7. thats just a sample, now tell me what direction to go with, is it big enough?
  8. Sure ill do a banner, but u need to tell me what size u want, and what kinda pictures I use, also fill me in into who Sri Namamrta is ... thank you.
  9. http://kekaiboymusicvideos.sinfree.net/Artists/T/TheCure.htm <div id=vpdiv><embed name="RAOCXplayer" src="http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/geffen/the_cure/video/the_cure/.-end/300_hi.asx" type="application/x-mplayer2" width="320" height="265" ShowControls="0" ShowStatusBar="1" AutoSize="true" loop="true" EnableContextMenu="0" DisplaySize="0" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/"></embed></div>Video code provided by KEKAI BOY Yeah it's a big bright beautiful world Just the other side of the door Six billion beautiful faces But I saw them all before... No this is not about running out on you Not a case of right or wrong It's only that it's over and done for me It's already been and gone And I don't want another go around - I don't want to start again No I don't want another go around - I want this to be the end I want this to be the end - I don't want to start again I want this to be the last thing we do It for me and you... For all my dreams came true Yeah I know I should care if you come with me Yeah and I should care if you go Really should care about your love or your hate of me Yeah I should care... but I don't And it's not about giving up on you It's not a case of do or die It's simply that it's over and out for me There's no more room inside And I don't want another run around - I don't want to start again No I don't want another run around - I want this to be the end I want this to be the end - I don't want to start again I want this to be the last thing we do It for me and you... Yeah it's a big bright beautiful world out there Just the other side of this door Six billion beautiful faces await But I saw it all before... No this is not about running out on you Not a case of right or wrong It's only that it's over and done for me It's already been and gone And I don't want another go around - I don't want to start again No I don't want another go around - I want this to be the end I want this to be the end - I don't want to start again I want this to be the last thing we do - this to be it for me and you This to be the last we go through this to be the end For all my dreams came true Many people say this song is about relionships, and how he does not want to start over again with a new girl, and that might be what the writers intend was, but I find a much deeper meaning in this lyrics, which is connect to my spirtualy belives, and most devoties will problay agree with me. You see, i want this life to be my last life on this material universe, I dont want to be reborn into another species, another human, and start all over again, I dont want to excist in this material world again with a new body, starting all over. I want this to be my last life, i want to go back to go godhead, and never come back to this place of misery, and illusion. I want to enjoy my last life in this material world, and then leave, and never come back, never be reborn, and die again. I want this cycle to end. This is a great song, and i hope the devoties enjoy it, and agree with me.
  10. Over the past couple of years I've looked at many videos on the internet that pertain to the miraculous events of September 11, 2001. Here is over 12 hours of essential video that you should download and share with your friends and neighbors who don't use the internet or have computers. I buy blank CDs for about 20¢ each and burn these videos to 80 minute VCDs that can be played on most DVD players. These discs are effective 'red pills' for the average citizen. If your computer has a CD burner, then all you need is these videos, some video conversion/editing software and blank discs to make your own pills. To any American who watches any two of these and truly understands what is being shown, it should scare the . out of you. __________ 911 In Plane Site (.avi 52 mins 30 sec 104 megs) fourwinds10.com/news/08-media/A-audio-video/01-government/2004/911_In_Plane_Site.zip 9-11 The Road To Tyranny SHORT (streaming Real: 48 mins 40 secs) defendersoffreedom.org/videos/9-11.ram 9-11: the Road to Tyranny: LONG (Real media: 2 Hrs 22 Mins 48 Megs) 100777.com/media/911.rm Painful Deceptions (Windows media 41 min 5 sec 25.7 MB) prisonplanet.com/painful_deceptions_excerpt.wmv Matrix Of Evil (Windows media: 2 Hrs, 87 Megs) lastingnetworks.com/alexvideos/moe128.wmv 911: The Great Illusion (Windows media 2 hrs 82 MB) lastingnetworks.com/alexvideos/911GI128.wmv Police State III: Total Enslavement (Windows media: 2 Hrs 37 Mins 111 Megs) lastingnetworks.com/alexvideos/ps3-128.wmv Masters of Terror (Windows media: 2 Hrs, 92 Megs) prisonplanet.com/Masters_Of_Terror_128KBps.wmv S-11 Redux (Quicktime 10 mins 54 sec 17.1 MB) movies04.archive.org/3/movies/redux/redux_64kb.mov Cynthia McKinney: August 2003 (Quicktime: 11 mins 40 sec, 18.9 Megs) archive.org/download/cynthia/cynthia_64kb.mov Michael Ruppert Interview March 2004 (Windows media: 14 min 37 sec 4 MB) movies01.archive.org/opensource_movies/newsreal/indybay/uploads/ruppertint erview911m ar0456k.wmv Painful Questions (Shockwave 4 min 1.44 MB) erichufschmid.net/911.swf __________ Here is some disc filler where you can demonstrate your hippness. Eminem - Mosh(GNN) movies03.archive.org/1/movies/Mosh/GNN_Mosh_bb.mov Eminem - White America movies04.archive.org/3/movies/em_dirty/em_dirty_64kb.mov __________ I recommend using EO Video to convert the Real, .rm, Quicktime .mov, Windows media .wmv and the .avi video files to the .mpg format required by most VCD creator software. I use TMPGEnc to split the large the VCD .mpgs.
  11. It wont stop as longes im around ill chant until enternity
  12. What would happen if man created a machine, thats smart enough, to have his own concinouness, understand pain and happiness, is aware of his self, and can make his own decisons juding by what he remebers? Does this computer have a soul?
  13. Does god control our desires? Does he make us want something? Does he create desires and makes us act on them? Is it truly only his choices, in which way we live?
  14. My argument is that no it does not excist, because god would love his parcel to much to ever send us to a hellish place and suffer for eternity... I think hell and the devil are created to scare people into belive into christanian religion what are your views?
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