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  1. Hi, Unfourtunately, I can't really help you, except from experience.There are three very simple advices I can give you, one is to look for someone who is a shaman, or clairvoyant or someone who deals against witchcraft and who can give you special baths of herbs that can cleanse your body and energy, you could also look for a bioenergetic/homeopathic doctor who can help you a little as well, but the simplest advice and it can sound "stupid," but in your case it is the remedy and it is to give yourself fully to God. I had a similar circumstance to you, but as soon as I started fully trusting in divine powers everything started fading away. I note that you are Hindu, and if you are a follower of Vishnu, then pray to him, always. But pray with heart and with confidence. Pray for assistance, for strenght, for healing. Go to temple often. Trust the transcendental, forgive the person that is doing that to you, and ask for protection from above. Also, reject that anyone is doing bad things to you, dont talk often or never about black-magic, because you will attract it. The spoken word and the mental thought are very strong. I hope I could have been of any help to you. Don't give up, because giving up on your life is what the bad people want, thats what they want to do to you, they want you to lose hope in God, and in your life. God bless you, and although evil exists in many forms, it can never defeat good. Take a look in a History book, evil triumphs for some time, and then good stumps on it. And trust me, do not worry, the funny thing about witchcraft is that it causes some bad for some time and then it goes back to the original person who did it.
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