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  1. Hi Bala, I have verified the birth details of the girl and myself and both are correct. I am putting it here once again. My birth details: DOB: 21-Nov-1980 Place: Varanasi Time: 07:30 AM Girl's birth details: DOB: 10-April-1982 Place: Ujjain District Time: 03:00 AM Thanks.
  2. Hi Bala, many thanks for the quick reply. I dont know much about astrology and all I could do was a computerized kundali match that scored 33 points and which appeared more than satisfactory, to a layman like me. Many thanks for your advice. There is one more girl that my family is interested in. Can you please help me with her kundali, if I am not troubling you so much her birth details are as under: DOB: 10 April 1982 Place: Ujjain District Time: 03:00 AM Kind Regards and many thanks.
  3. I have a proposal for marriage but the girl appears to be anshik manglik. I like her but am scared of the manglik stuff. I want to know if going forward with this will be a good idea and whether we will be able to lead a happy, long and healthy life together. Hence I need some serious advice. My birth details are: 21/November/1980 7:30 AM Varanasi Her birth details: 22/January/1983 9:47 AM Gorakhpur Please help as there is lot of pressure over this. Thanks.
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