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  1. Hello Guruji, I appreciate the wonderful service you are doing by helping out people with their real life issues, I too am in desperate need of you help and guidance as nothing seems to be happening on job front for past 2 years plus. Hence I am really worried. Please Advise. Situation: I was working in US in IT field till Jan 2007, lost my job, got another job in few months but was not that great hence quit in 2008 and returned back to India for Family reasons, not able to find a job so far, I have tried through contacts, ads in paper, online, NO interview calls at all, each time I apply either the interview happens (rarely though) and then nothing, OR NOTHING HAPPENS making me wonder if I will be able to get a Job in India or its better to go back to US and try. I have a aged mother, wife and child to support. Kindly advise DOB: JAN 01, 1971 Time: 10.45 PM Location: Mumbai, India
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