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  1. Hi Ashish, Thanks a lot for starting this thread. At least I am hopeful that I will get reply for my queries. I posted separate thread for analysis a month back but did not get reply from any of the good astrologers in this forum. Please find my details below DOB- 26-01-1978 Place of birth -Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, Inida time of birth - 08:20 AM I have been reading astrology on my own, have some basic knowledge but cant do predictions at all. Kinldy do analysis of my chart to tell me more about my married life, when wil i get married, how will be my wife and will there be harmony in my family? Also, tell me about my career. Any chances to get success in spiritualism? Many thanks in advance!! regards, deepak
  2. Guruji Pranam, Kinldy analyze my chart for marriage timing, spouse, harmony in my family. Please predict about my career and if I have any scope in spiritualism. I have been studying astrology and so have a basic understanding and so I believe in it. My details are as below date of birth - 26-January- 1978 time - 08:20AM Place - Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India Thanks in Advance,
  3. Hi, I urge all master astrologers here to kindly help me. I am a believer in astrology and study also but cant do predictions or exact analysis. But, at this point in life I really need a direction by means of analsysis of my horoscope. My birth details are as below DOB - 26- January- 1978 Time- 8:20 AM Place - Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India My main questions are when will I get married, how will be my spouse, how will be harmony in my family. will I be happy in life? Well, Please comment about my career and if a scope in spiritualism.
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