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  1. Adi shankar the propounder of advaitha gave the highest appreciation to the mother. He created the dharma that the mother shall have the right for the last rites in the hands of son even if he is a sanyasi. Father and other relations does not have the right.. He also gave the matru panchakam in the praise of the mother. Matru Panchakam - Adi Shankar - Greatness of Motherhood : satwarajastamas blogs on sulekha, Motherhood blogs, satwarajastamas blog from india
  2. I have never heard the concept of mantras in any abrahamic religions. Mantras as such does not have power. Power is the mind of the person who has siddhi of the mantra. So the mantra diksha has to be given by a person who has attained sidhi. Otherwise it is just another word like what i am writing here.
  3. As told in vyasa bharatam as under : After the sunset aswathama, kripacharya and one more warrior was walking away leaving duryodhana in the warfield. IN the twilight aswathama say the crows attacking the owl and once the sunset was complete the owls attacked back the crows. Aswathama felt that the power is moving concept and like the owl he can attack back the pandavas when they are asleep. So he went to the pandavas camp, but he could not enter because there was a big Rakshasa protecting the camp. Aswathama invoked shiva and shiva gave him the sword and told him that with the help of the sword he can kill anybody till next day morning. Krishna was aware of the dance of fate, so he moved pandavas and satyaki to shore of ganges not known to anybody. When aswathama went to the camp, the rakshasa disappeared on seeing the sword. Aswatham killed everybody in the camp. So at the morning of 19th nobody was alive but for seven people in pandavas side and three people in the side of guaravas. However there is no clear reasoning given to the best of my knowledge in any mythological story on why krishna allowed the happening of 18th night. Further when abhimanyu started for the war, subadra asked krishna to protect his progency which he promised. But subadra was not aware at that point of time that utara, abhimanyu's wife was pregnant with parishit. Subadra was supposed to be the incaranation of "sabari". Finally when parishit was killed by braham siras which was only known to aswathama, krishna gave life to the child on the satya that krishna is "nitya brahmachari"
  4. As per hindu shastra's the punishment vary for the varnas for the same offence. Brahmin is given the highest punishment because he is aware of the vedas and the consequences. That is the reason krishna cursed him and further he could not remove the immortality given to him by birth. He as the blessing of lord shiva to drona for his penance. Ashwatama affection for his father was the main reason for his killing the pandava's offspring. He did not see the divine providence play of justice where he was unfairly killed by a student which is his own fruits of action being unjust to akalavya. Ashwathama pleaded mercy but still krishna did not give it. Mahabharat and bhavatham stops there. However he is one of the immortal. As many said krishna gave him the opportunity to reduce his pride and do penance for his rest of his life.
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