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  1. Thanks sir...but is there any remedy? My exam is in july 2011...can i wear manek?
  2. Hi Friends, I am Ayurvedic Doctor..And i want to know the Effect of "Neech but Vargottami Sun"... And what is the Effect of It During it Dasha? These are Details of My Kundali... Birth Date - 18 / 10 / 1987 Birth Time : 22:55:00 Place : Ahmedabad Kundali Details : Lagna : Mithun Planets Sthan: Chandra - 3rd Place ( Simha Rashi) Mangal and Ketu - 4th place (kanya rashi) Shukra , Budh and Surya - 5th Place (Tula RAshi) Shani - 6th place (Vruschik Rashi) Rahu - 10th place (Meen Rashi) Guru - 11th Place (Mesh Rashi) I am Preparing for MD Enterance In Ayurveda..So please guide me if i can succeed in Md Enterance? And moer about My Study... Waiting for your Reply..Thanks
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