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  1. Namaste... I am 23 yrs old and am very much into spirituality. I cannot live for a moment without performing activities related to worship and pilgrimages. I am a strong seeker of liberation and a staunch devotee to my Guru Adi Shankara. How many ever problems I face, I am extremely happy to live like this. I am told that all this is because I am presently running my Ketu Mahadasha and that my Shukra Mahadasha will start on October of this year and I that will lose all my spirituality as I will get lot of material gain. Could someone let me know if my fears are true ? I am happy and prefer living as a seeker of liberation than a materialistic human being. My birth details are as follows: DOB : 2-12-1986 Time of birth : 00:14 am Place of birth : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Regards, acharya-dasi
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