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  1. I came here & read angelic_devil 's experiences..and that has encouraged me to share a somewhat similar problem I 've been facing for a long time now. So much so, that I generally dont sleep at nights. Whenever I used to sleep, I would feel something trying to take possession of me. I would be in a semi awake state and very much conscious of what was going around me. If I slept reading a book.. I could see the page number on the book. In this state, I would be dragged out of my bed and venture out where I could see which cars were parked outside and what their numbers were. When I finally used to wake up..everything would be the same as I saw them when I was sleeping. The attack would come in pulses, there was no shape or form, just the feeling that something is trying to enter my body...I would fight back very hard.. recite Hanuman Chalisa & Maha mritunjaya mantra,Gayatri mantra..the feeling I would get was like I was paralyzed with my eyes open.. my tounge wont move,I couldnt shout.. and with immence will power I wud try to call for help..only small grunts came out .. I couldnt move an inch and all I could do was take names of God, my ancestors and wait for the final assault.. which would end as a sudden release from all this..I would be very scared then..and totally drained I cannot express that feeling. After some years I stopped fighting him and let him do what it wanted..mostly he would take me to places which I had not heard about.but felt that I had been there before....but it would end mostly near an old temple on the mountain in the city of Rajgir.I could not see any Buddhists there..or the new temples.Sometimes I would feel that its day and all activities are going around me.. but nobody could see me.. or help me. Then he would just push me off the ridge into the valley. The freefall was very scary..and it lasted for a long long time. When I got up ..it would be impossible to sleep again. What is this ..anyone else had this experience..its been on me for a long time..at least 14 years....I hav learned to live with it.....and its really scary at times. Any suggestions..any help ?
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