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  1. huh what did u say? i dont understand
  2. this has been disscused before.....but i think this is really happening to me....it was qouted that when a spirit want to hurt u they come in ur dreams as ur relative and last night i had a dream and my aunt and uncle were in it...i dont remember having anyother dreams like that but i have a gut feeling that i have been having dreams like it for a while now on a consistant basise.....if it is the cause that it is a spirit that is doing this what can i do to make it go away
  3. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; Lord Nityananda, i know that in the end that it is krsna.......but who are these two and what is there purpose???????
  4. what is the translation
  5. what is the hindu word for people that switch to another religion
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