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  1. Astrologers can u pls help me with this. My date of birth is-- 22 september 1986 place of birth --agra time of birth--6.30 pm my lagna chart is as follows rahu in the 1st house with meen rashi moon in the 2nd house with mesh rashi surya budh and ketu in the 7th house with kanya rashi shukra in the 8th house with tula shani in the 9th house with virishik rashi mangal in the 10th house with dhanu rashi and guru in the 12th house with kumbh rashi my navmasa chart is as follows shani in the 1st house with tula rashi moon in the 2nd with virishik rashi mangal in the 3rd house with dhanu rashi surya in the 5th with kumbh rashi shukra and rahu in the 6th with meen rashi guru in the 7th with mesh rashi budh in the 9th with mithun rashi and ketu in the 12 with kanya rashi can u pls tell me when will i get married ..and how will my husband and married life be
  2. This manglik question has been troubling my mind since a long time now. I am non manglik but a few good matches are rejected coz' of the manglik dosh in the boy. I want to know how far this hould be believed and what are the consequences if such a marriage happens..? Thanks.
  3. Plz someone reply!! I would be grateful!!
  4. hi all, Can someone please predict my when am I going to get married? My birth details are 22nd september 1986. Time of birth 6:30 pm. Place : Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. I've always been prepared for an arranged marriage so never got in a relationship seriously. Now I'm curious as to when will it happen as want to plan ahead accordingly. Also, if you could tell me how would my married life be? Thanks a lot. I would be really grateful for a genuine reply!!
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