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  1. Born: 15-Jan-1967 1:50 pm Chennai, India Recently married. but we live in different countries & we are looking fwd to my relocating to his place of living; Please tell me when will I relocate to live with my husband & will it be smooth & soon Thanks
  2. Dear Gurus, My husband's job has been stand still since last two months; not sure when they will close / make cuts; He is anxiously looking for another job as he is supporting our family of 4; His birth details are as below: Birthdate is 12-Aug-1965 Time is birth is 11.58 a.m Place of birth is Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala Looking forward to hear some positive & encouraging response soon
  3. Thank you soo much gold & srinivasji. please do write more details as It'll help me in my learning process. Lets first take abt Rashi sandhi of Sun here. Does it mean it'll affect 4th house effects.. I mean mother of the native, home land etc? Also to note here that Lagna has moved only less than 3 deg in taurus. Does it also have Rashi sandhi? So, Srinivasji, whats your overall comments abt this chart? I am anxiously waiting for the expert's comments. Thanks for your time
  4. Hi Gold, Each house can hold 30 degrees. Mercury has moved 29 degrees in sagittarius & Sun just moved out of this house & placed at 1 degree in next house (capricorn).. thou they "appear" to be in different houses, they still are in close proximity & hence mercury is combust. Venus has moved 17 deg in Capricorn whereas Sun has moved only 1 deg. So, Thou Venus & Sun appear in the same house, they are NOT in such close proximity & hence Venus is NOT combust. But as far as I know, Mercury is exempted from this combust factors in astrology as it'll be close to the Sun in most of the charts. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Dear experts, Let me give the horoscope details so that someone might come fwd to continue this interesting discussion. Taurus Lagna 3rd Place (cancer): Jupiter 5th place (virgo) : Mars 6th Place (libra) : Ketu 8th Place(Sag) : Mercury (combust) 9th PLace (capricorn) : Sun & Venus (Venus NOT combust) 10th Place (aquaris): Moon 11th Place (Pisces): Saturn 12th Place (Aries): Rahu The interesting combination: 3rd lord moon in 10th place; 10th lord saturn in 11th place; 11the lod Jupiter in 3rd place; Can anyone analyse the effects ofthe 3-10-11 interchange? venus (as 6th lord) aspects & aspected by Jupiter (as 8th lord); apart from other aspects of the same as 1st & 11th lord. Will 6/8 aspects give any luck to this native? seventh lord Mars (also the 12th lord) placed in 5th place aspected by Saturn; venus with sun in 9th apsected by Jupiter (8th lord); how abt married life? 5th lord Mercury, combust & placed in 8th place aspected by both saturn/Mars; guess its very weak. so what about children & education in this horoscope?
  6. Very interesting discussion. Thanks to everyone esply Srinivasji. I too have a sibling with Taurus Lagna with exalted Jupiter in 3rd house. Here are the birth details. DOB: 15-Jan-1967 Time: 1:50 PM Place: Chennai The interesting part here is that the 8th/11th lord Jupiter aspecting the 4th lord SUN & Lagna lord Venus placed in 9th from the 3rd place. also 9th/10th lord Saturn aspected by Jupiter. how will it effect on career? would anybody like to analyse this esply regarding career, profession, wealth, fame, travel, marriage & children? Thanks for your time.
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