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  1. knowledgeable, educated and enthusiastic contributors to this forum: I must say WOW you all seem exceptionally intelligent and enthusiastic, therefore I would like to pose you a personal question if I may . . . I'm approaching a point in my spiritual endeavors comparable to electron orbital theory, as if just when I think I can predict the path, it shifts, when I look away or indirectly (through another's eyes for instance) experimental data indicates it resumes it's revealed course. I'm becomming frustrated! My question is simply this: how can one go about making the transition from what appears to be maya diguised as guru/god to actually trusting that what is occuring is indeed divine directive? I am fully contending with a reality more and more geared toward convincing me I am approaching a stage where intuition should take precedence over most of all jnana I encounter and that perhaps I may be on to something new . . . Any thoughts?
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