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  1. I wrote a very lengthy note many days ago, and now they have deleted private messages, so you probably lost it. Please consider mine before all these others since it is urgent. My question is about my husband...he is facing financial ruin and is freaking out...huge debts...and poverty. Please help to tell us.. a. will he make enough money to get out of his big debts so he can move to India? b. Does he have the chance to make a large sum of money via stock market? c. What should he invest in to get this money? d. When will his debt and financial problems be solved? e. What can he do to get out of debt fast and create abundance? f. Will him and I ever be able to live in India together? g. How is his health? Is he going to be able to work the next few years as hard as he wants to? He wishes to get out of debt, make a large sum, and move to India to live in an ashram....with me. How can he make this happen? h. How can we make our relationship easier? There is always something that separates us...from being together...either distance, or time...or we cant sit together at an event...is there a way to overcome this and all the other issues? h. Please tell anything else that can be told that will help us....Thank you. His Danderyd Sweden 2.15 July 10, 1959 Hers Skokie Illinois USA 23.22 Daylight Savings May 1, 1975
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