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  1. Thanks for the reply. I mostly avoid outside food. I am taking high intake of vegetables and fruits. I eat breads and junk foods very occasionally. As for the dairy products, should I stop everything including ghee, milk, tea etc. ?? I was not doing ujjayi pranayama, I'll start that too. Also I find it very difficult to do anulom vilom pranayama as my nose are chocked most of the times. You have suggested some oils for sinus. Are they available in market or we need to prepare at home ?? -Dheeraj
  2. Hi all, I am dheeraj from bangalore. I have been suffering from sinus problem for years. I also suffer from constipation. I have tried lot of medications but no help. Please suggest me effective remedy for these problems. I am practicing jal neti and pranayama for a month now. I feel slight improvement in sinus but no improvement in constipation. Thanks, Dheeraj
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