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  1. hmmm wat happened aint nobody gonna help me on this????
  2. thanks friends for lovely suggestion wat i meant to say is tat i dont want any bad mantras or anything like tat wat i want is tat i want to marry her with consent of her parents because i dont want marriage without consent of her parents problem is tat she likes me but she says tat if my parents say yes then i will marry you coz she is afraid of her parents tats why she is afraid to say in front of her parents coz she is worried of being scolded by her parents and i said to her dont worry i will only marry you only with the consent of your parents so wat i wanted to ask unmarried girls keep vratas or do some kind of pujas to marry particular boy of her liking is tere any vratas tat i can keep or mantra tat i can pray so tat i can marry her and all i want is tat his parents should approach me for her.so i am also preparing for goverment job. hope i have cleared you something DOB:5 JUN 87 PLACE : AJMER TIME: 5:25 AM
  3. now plz dont laugh at my question i know its a silly one but its a serious matter for me. i like a girl and she also likes me now i wanted to marry tat girl there is still time because we both are pursuing our PG studies but can anyone tell me any mantra or any vratas tat i can keep so tat i can marry her wat i meant to say is tat is tere any vratas or mantras tat can help me on getting married to her.
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