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  1. Dear Sir, Thank you once again for making the things clear, I think my doubts have been solved. The thing is as my grand father is in his 80's I don't question him too often about vedas and mantras(because he is sufferring from ill health from last 6 months), he sometimes comes on his own and discusses with me about mantras. So I after reading ur comments and remedies thought that to clear my doubts with you. I thank you once again for lending ur precious time.
  2. Dear sir, Thanks for ur inputs,it was really interesting and an eye opener, but I have one more doubt, I have seen many gurujis advising beej mantras for sucess, but when I enquired this with my grand father he said that chanting beej mantra without its anganyasa and karanyasa and dhyana stotram would not benefit anyone, and it has to be initiated by one who has mastered the mantra , he also said that reciting beej mantra unproperly may lead into mental disorders,(my grandfather is in his 80's, and he studied in pathshala for 15 years.),so my question is is it not better reciting vedic mantras for slightly longer time than reciting beej mantra(I personally think this is shortcut and highly risky method as in this forum every mantra has been written in english, I don't know how many people can pronounce it properly). Eagerly waiting for ur reply.
  3. HI I dont think any Tantrik teacher would teach tantras for money,but there are many things that u should be ready to sacrifice , one of the thing is to never question ur guru and do as he say , but as the vedas say a student can test a sage before accecpting him as his guru , so check him until u r satisfied
  4. Dear Sir, I believe runa vimochana stotram is for getting ur money back, and getting rid of runa(credits,loans).Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  5. First thing is don't be scared, its the recession time,be calm , many of us have lost jobs too. Well coming to mantra , if u r a brahmin and if u know vayu stuthi ,then recite it with punashcharanam vidhi as mentioned in scripts. Beware to pronounce mantra properly and do sankalpa clearly. else there are several vedic mantras which can be recited by everyone. the most important vedic mantra for getting ur job done is, vishveshwar majam devam stanza(dont the exact no but it is only two lines) from vishnu sahasra nama stotram, then avidhyanam stanza(stanza no 3 i believe) from soundarya lahiri. recite it 108 times both, and pray to almighty . I think u would definitely get a job .
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