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  1. It is very interesting to see the openness regarding discussion about "end" of the world. Well, well are governed by cycles from breath we take to sun & moon cycles, seasons, crops, birth & death, etc. all. We all are part of one great cycle of 26,000 years, which is going to end in 2012 and then there will be beginning of new one and we are living in the "Age of Pisces" and we will soon be entering to "Age of Aquarius" so obviously there would be changes at all level, which i think we all are feeling now. Mayan civilizations were time keepers and they have measured these cycles very precisely thousands of years ago and their one Long Count Calender ends on 21st Dec. 2012. On this date; our solar system would be in exact alignment with our milky way galaxy, which is a rare event happens in thousands of years. So, some people it would be end of the world; and Mayan said it would be the end of world we see now; and there would be new world with different paradigm. Lets see what happens it is not very far; but we can feel the changes as our solar system is coming closer to the core of our milky way in breaking up the whole world economic structures, being redefined relationships, mass awakening, etc.
  2. Respected Astrologers, I am awaiting yours replies..thanks
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first thread, in fact, a personal query and i would like to start here with this now. I am now in Ireland, studying MBA, i finished my graduation in 2003, but later i could not continue studies and went to Hyderabad in early 2005 for a job and did get a job and worked till early 2008 and came to Ireland for further studies in September 2008. One regarded astrologer told me when i was working in Hyd that i would start my studies again, would go overseas. Now I am here. I am very good in my studies; but financially my situation is not good; as i do not have any part time job now to meet my expenses here; but anyhow my family is helping me that i do not wish to happen. I am undergoing a vast spiritual changes and earlier this year i lost my beloved grandpa too. My query is that what are my job prospects or good times on my way and when? Would i go back to India and most importantly, when i would get married as i have been told not good features in my Kundali about my spouse; so please guide me in this. I would be happier to hear from you and to take a guidance on my way as i have great passion to work for people. Thanks Birth Details DOB: October 8, 1982 POB: Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) TOB: 07:42 am
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