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  1. DEar GURUJI I amhaving bad time since Sept 2003. I have not reached to the position what I was having in 2002. Presently I am not having any job since July 2008 and I do not know When I will get job. I do not know my correct date of birth. My Name is Mahesh and as per certificate it is 20th April 1961. I am an engineering graduate in electrical and electronics. You are requested to let me know what should I do to get the job. Please also let me know what should I recite to get the job abroad. Best regards, Mahesh Kumar Sharma
  2. Dear Guruji I am an electrical and electronics engineering graduate with 22 years of experiance in maintenance department of a continuous process industry. I am not having job for more than a year and not getting any response from any source. I want to know what mantra to recite to get a job. Please help me Best regards, Mahesh Kumar Sharma
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