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  1. Ok, Here is a chart, Natal and Progressed Both in one, with a 2:30 PM TOB, what do you think?
  2. Thank you. Her parents don't agree on the TOB, as they have forgotten it, but we can take it as the mother remembers it to be 2:00 PM in the afternoon. Her dad though remembers it as 11:00 AM. So we can take it to be 2:00 PM. Some of her history is infront of me, so I can guess which chart relates to her. Can you help out with that bit of data plz.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out the age and time of marriage on one of my friends' Birth chart. 31 / 5 / 1977 (31 st May) Female Time: Unknown PLace: Peshawar and time is unknown so I took it as 12:00 PM. Place of Birth is Peshawar. The degrees between the venus and mars happen to be only 1. The degrees between the SUN and Venus happen to be around 45. So this method of calculating marriage age from this method seems wrong. As the Moon too seems to be far distant from the SUN and Mars. So can you please help me out in calculating the time of marriage here? And if there is any marriage in her chart, what type of a husband would she have? How old?
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