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  1. Hi, 94 views and no replies... I would appreciate if someone could look at my horoscope and help me.. Saturn is in 5th house from my Rasi. Thx G
  2. Hi, I am currently running Sani Mahadasa and my Sade sati is starting in Sep 2009. I am already starting to experience some setbacks, (like lost my promotion,had a minor car accident etc) which makes me very worried. I would appreciate if the gurus would look at my horoscope and let me know what I should expect in the next couple of years, so that I can set my expectations right and not be disappointed. Specifically, I would like to know on career front and health front. Here are the details DOB October 30th 1970 Time 11:30 AM Place Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Gender Female I am Thula Rasi and Swathi Nakshatra and Dhanu Lagna. Kindly help. Also , if there are any remedial measures please suggest. Thanks in advance, Gowri
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