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  1. Thanks A lot for replying to me ..Sir please tell me how we worship bhagwan karthikeya ? how many times i need to visit the malai temple ? hows my married life would be ?
  2. Nameskar TO All GURUJI ,my parents for last 2 years are very much worried about my marriage ,nothing is finalizing so far.. this making my parents especially my dad very much worried, also whenever some final things happen ,the boy family demand that i should be working, which i dont like ,i dont want to work outside and to face the cruel outer world ...but i think this will further delay my marriage . I request to all renowned astrologers to lookup into my kundli and tell me about my marriage and job . a) when will i get married b) hows my married life would be c) when will i got job will it be a govt job .? vandana 25 dec 1985 12:45 pm delhi
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