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  1. Thanks Rishivatsayanji. But could you please tell me somethign abt How will be my life partner? and whether it will be arranged or love marriage? Also the realtionship between me and my father is not good. We always end up in fighting with each other. Will it be the same situation through out my life ? regards jaya
  2. Hi Thanks for your replies. I would like to know whether it will be arranged or love marriage. Also do i need to perform any specific poojas or remedies? I am great devotee Vishnu and ram bhaktha Hanuman. I have started chanting OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA daily 108 times as told by my grandma. Any other specific remedy is needed? regards jaya
  3. Hi All My details are as below Name: Jayalakshmi Place of Birth : Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu Time of Birth: 08:45 PM Date of birth: 3rd dec,1982. Ascendant: Moon, Rahu 5th house: Saturn 6th house:Jupiter,sun,venus,mercury 7th house : Ketu 8th house: Mars presence of Mars in 8th house and saturn in fifth house is not good for marriage? Also many who see my chart say I wont get married till 33 and I will face lot of issues in my married life . Kindly see my chart and help me. Do i need to perform any shanti poojas for saturn? When will i get married? regards Jaya
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