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  1. I would like to knw abt the possiblities of marriage. Dob: dec 16, 1979 time : 6:10 am place: latur, Maharashtra India I have sun mer in lagna Venus in second ketu in 4 th Jupiter rahu and mars in 10 th Saturn in 11 moon in 12 I am runnin Saturn mahadasha till dec 2015 and mars antardasha till aug 2010 and then rahu antardasha from aug 2010 someone told me tht I will have emotional involvement from July 2009 till dec 2009 but that will not mature into marriage. Is tht correct ? Also will I marry a foreigner ?
  2. Dear rishi Thank you very much for the reply. I really appreciate it. I am religious and don't think that i will change my Hindu beliefs and religion. As a matter of fact i do sometimes give advice to foreigners about Hinduism. Regarding your reply to my question about marriage to a foreigner could you please let me know how did you come to figure out that i will marry to a foreigner looking at my chart and birth details. I am very much curious about this.
  3. Dear Friend It looks to me like you have ancestor problems. Heres the link that can help you figure few things out. Ancestral problems
  4. I would like to know if i will marry to a foreigner ? Here are my details DOB: December 16, 1979 Time: 06:10 AM Place: Latur, Maharashtra INDIA Sex: Male
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