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  1. You should contact Chiteswara Prabhu He is famous for helping thousands of people to get rid of any type of ghosts. Please contact him. He helped myself in Jagannath Puri. He is a bonafide tantra visaradha priests belonging to this service from an ancient parampara. He invoke Ramacandra and particularly Pañca Mukha Hanuman making a kavacha for you specifically. IT WORKS. Chitesvara Prabhu “Mr. Chakradhar Sahu” [url="http://www.pagalbaba.com"]
  2. DEAR FRIENDLYBHAKT Hare Krishna I know you posted this question three years ago , but I read it today :-) If you still are looking for some bonafide and paka priest, able to finnish all your problems with bhutas, etc. you should address Chiteswara Prabhu. He is a Gaudiya Vaisnava priest and belongs to an ancient tradition of Tantra visaradha parampara. He is doing Pañca mukha Hanuman Kavaca for relieving both, you and the bhutas harrasing you. Once you have the Hanuman Kavacha you will feel relief and peace! He lives in Bhuvanesvar Orissa at Pagalbaba Asram. Chitesvara Prabhu “Mr. Chakradhar Sahu” Pagalbaba Asrama 91 (06811) 226522 91 9938482707 work chakradharsahu@ Web PagalBaba Address: At/Po. Bhabandha Bhatakumarada 761 003 Dist. Ganjam (Orissa) India
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