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  1. Dear Gurujan, I have lost my jon in December 08. My details are as follows. DOB: 08-March-1979. Place of Birth: Kancheepuram. Time of Birth: 10:30 AM. I am really tired. I am facing problems for about 15-16 years now. I wear an Indra Neelam stone. After the job loss I am facing lots of insults from various fronts (mainly domestic). Really having a tough time managing the situation. I do not have knowledge of jyothisha. So, please suggest a date range during which my situation might improve.( If you say that so you will get good period when so and so graha moves to so and so sthana, I will not be able to find out on my own.) Also, please let me know if there is some parihara. Thanks!
  2. Could any one post where can I get Subrahmanya Mala Mantra from Santi Ratnakara /Kusumakara in Devanagari or English transliteration.? Also, anyone heard of Santhi Ratnakara in Devanagari. I have seen a copy in Granthakashara script. I do not know Grantha correctly. So, I am afraid I might be doing a wrong uccharana of the mantra. There seems to be quite a few different Subrahmanya Mala Mantras, one is labeled to be from 'Kumara Tantra'. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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