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  1. Ok, i respect your views indeed. But what about the agya of Bhagwan Swaminarayan Himself? Is it fine to break the rules he laid down~ and then go getting rid of the inner enemies? Its all good to get rid of dosh's. You right. This has to be done no matter what.What about the ways bhagwan decided? On how to go about doing such? Param Ekantik saints are those which never ever go against the wishes of Bhagwan no matter in what circumstances. You should read about Sadguru Sarvagyananand Swami and Sadguru Ghanshyamanand Swami. How they became saints. as to the extent they went to jsut to abide by Gods wishes and rules for santos. These my friend are Ekantik Saints. S.g Gopalanand Swami, S.g Gunatitanand Swami. S.g Muktanand Swami. These are ekanti Siants. And in the modern age you should go to places like Bhuj, Muli, Amdavad. In fact if you want to see a real ekantik saint and are in the UK go and see Sadguru Shriharidas swami of Bhuj who is currently here!!!!! If you want to find out for yourself what a true param bhagwadi ekantik sant is i say go!!! A God sent Sant for sure. They havent broke one commandemnt of God no matter what scripture you search., This isnt merely about finding the right sect or successor. This is about Moksh and the Agna and Upasna of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Its all about pleasing Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Carrying out his agna and upasna. As if your talking about removing inner enemies then their are many people in the world with no satsang who have rid their inner enemies. Does this mean they are ekantik and are living life bhagwan Swaminarayan required? No, it just means that they will attain a better afterlife, and hopefully have the chance to recognise, love and follow thie wishes of Bhagwan. BAPS no matter how much good they are doing, fail to comply with the wishes of God. What concens me more is when scriptures and Artis written by the likes of great saints such as Sadguru Muktanand Swami etc are being changed. JAy Swaminarayan Nar Narayan dev Ni Jay
  2. Its true its ghor kalyug. But it doesnt mean its the end. kalki Bhagwan will come when there is one race of pe0ple. When the name of God will nearly cease to exist. This isnt the case today. Still soem more years to go for Kalyug.
  3. Yes He sure is. This is how it is!! The origianl Sampraday believes the same. Nar Narayan Dev Ni Jay!
  4. Perfectly put. But there is well more to it than that. Why dont you read Swaminarayan bhagwans works and about His lifetime here on earth first. Have you guys even read the Vachnamrut? I think before anybody judges the status of any being they should first do some research on them. i dont follow Shirdi Sai baba but i dont discount him or put him down in any way. As i simply havent learnt anything about him. And as a vaishnav i cant afford do just in case i offend him in any way just incase he is a Avtaar, Ansh, or Avtaar of God. As otehrwise i will have to pay for it in a big way!!! I think all Vaishnavs should have such a thinking. In fact not only Vaishnavs but other followers of various panths as well.
  5. Its because the murtis are installed by Dharmvanshi Acharyas. As per accord of Bhagwan Swaminarayan Himself (Read VAchnamrut 1). And the rest of the Vachnamruts that state that the sampraday includes murtis, Saints, Acharyas and scriptures. BAPS change alot of stuff. Swamianrayan Bhagwan does not live Pratyaksh in any other sansthas. Read the Satsangi Jivan for a more detailed version. By reading such authentic text you will come to realise who the vimukhs are. The mahima of the big BAPS temples is like that of my uncles house. He lives in a great big mansion, however this doesnt mean his house is pavitra and blessed. At the end of the day he still comes to my dads house as my dad is his elder brother. All my grandads prized possesions and heirlooms are with my dad. My uncle fell out with my grandad and was rejected by him as well. The original Swaminarayan sampradays teaachings (under the dharmvanshi acharyas) has not gone against the teachings of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Whereas the upasna and Agna both have been lost within BAPS.Willesden mandir is under the guidance of Nar Narayana gadi under the dharmvanshi acharya of amdavad desh and the bhuj saints.
  6. Thats so true! Prem lakshana Bhakti!! All these 9 types of bhaktis is so that one attains Prem Bhakti in Supreme Lord. Yeah i have heard of Bhuj Kutch and its saints!!! Definately Swami Dharmkishordasji and other saints like Mahavpriyadasjii, Ghanshyamjivandasjii, Hariswarupdasji etc. Today there are many such saints there still!! Such as Shriharidasji Swami, Patitpavandasji Swami etc.
  7. Why isnt the Akshar Purushottam Sampraday mentioned in the original Saminarayan sampraday text? Does Lord Swaminarayan clearly mention 'Akshar Purshottam Upasna'? Why isnt it included in the Sikshapatri or any other authnetic text? In the very 1st VAchnamrut Lord Swaminarayan states Himself that to get Atyantik Kalyaan one must be the Ashrit of teh Dharmkul, So why arent the ollowers of BAPS? Also why has the original Arti and many stutis changed? Why do BAPS not follow the Desh Vibhaag no Lekh, which was dictated by Lord Swaminarayan and writen by Shatanand Muni within teh Satsangi Jivan. This stemnet clearly shows that Dharmvanshi Acharyas should be the head of teh sampradays. Why do BAPS fail to comply with such authentic text? Why do BAPS worship murtis of saints along with GOD? This in no circumstance should be allowed.
  8. That happens today anyway. The world will not end yet. The age of Kali is still young. Why should we worry anyway? Be happy and please Krishna. JAy Swaminarayan
  9. By the way we are not establishing Shri Swaminarayan worship ABOVE the worship of Shri Krishna, as true Swaminarayan followers regard him as Shri Krishna himself. Do you not understand my words? We believe he is the very same Krishna. Whether we worship Him or Krishna correctly, we will attain the same Golok or Akshardham. As both dhaams are the same with different names. This can clearly be seen in teh Vasudev Mahatmyam when Naradji explains Golok, as he also calls it Akshar! Which is what lord Swaminarayn called re established it as (Akshardham).
  10. This Question/ Answer is so funny. Did you get these answers from a 10 year old? If not then irresepective of where you got this from the person you did get it off doesnt know much about the Swaminarayan faith to come up with answers such as "I dont know". You guys make me laugh. Jay Shree Swaminarayan. Jay Dwarika Dheesh.
  11. Sahajanand Swami Maharaj Ki Jay Nar NArayan dEV kI jAY Lakshmi Narayan Dev Ki Jay
  12. What on earth is that supposed to mean? Just by making the truth as untrue wont get you far my son. Whether you doubt Swaminarayan is your personal problem. But there are also other scriptures which predicted his coming onto the earth as well. Lord Swaminarayan was Krishna himself.
  13. Of course Krishna is Parbrahm. Swaminarayan is this very same Parbrahm, Just like Raam, Vaman etc are as well. The original teachings of lord Swaminarayan was the follow Lord Krishna, of course he would state such. he is this very same Krishna. He also declared that he is this very same Krishna. This is within the Vachanamrut. He did what no mere mortal or true saint could do. Just liek Raam worshipped Shiva, Swaminarayan worshipped Krishna. He is the very same Parbrahm Purushottam.
  14. There is absolute truth in Swaminarayan being God supreme. He is the lord and he isn’t just a saint. There is only one god. First of all God Shree Krishna states in the Bhagvat Geeta that whenever there is unrighteousness and evil prevailing the earth he will either come himself or send his saints down to earth to get rid of the sinners and once again establish the path of righteousness. It is stated in the Padma puran (one of the 18 purans of our religion as directed by god supreme): II Datatrayam krutyuge, tretayaam raghunandana, dvapare vasudevaha, kalou swami vrushatmaja II This means that in satyug I (god) will be born as datatray, in tretayug as raam son of the raghu clan, in dwapar yug I will come as Krishna son of vasudev and in kaliyug ill come named Swami son of Dharm (Dharmadev). It also states in Vishnu dharmottar: II Pakhandbahuleloke swami namna hari swayam, papank nimagnam tajuddhaaryishyati II II Mahadharmanvye punye, naamna paapvinashke, hariprasad vivrasya, swami namna hari svayam II This means that in kaliyug where evil triumphs, I purna purushotam will arrive on the earth named hari. I will redeem many souls and increase their punya (good deeds). I Swami will be born to Hari prasad. *note Dharm dev (father of Swaminarayan Bhagwan) is stated as in our scriptures as Dev Sharma and Hari prasad and his mother is named as Bhakti, premvati or bala. There you go this proves it all. If you people are still in doubt print this out and show a literate purani Brahmin and ask them if this is within the text. By the way God is almighty. Many worship him differently. As Shiv, Amba (Parvati), Ganesh (Krishna avatar), Hanuman (Shiv’s anshavtaar). These are all his incarnations. He is one Shiv is also Narayan. They are to be treated as one bhramroop (As one entity). Jay hari, Jay Hind. God bless.
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