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  1. i have installed windows XP.wenever i am opening the software it says the program needs to close because of some problem.ive reinstalled it three times but its the same.
  2. Dear friend i downloaded and installed it but whenever i am tryin to run the program the windows gives a message that there is a problem with the program and it has to shut down.plz advice how to get over it.
  3. They say when time is really bad and you are going thru very bad phase in life no one even comes to ur help.may b tatz y so many ppl have seen my request but no one wants to help me.
  4. Dear sir, I am subramanyam a doctor.my details are given below DOB 22/4/1980 Time of birth -05:30 am Place of birth - Amalapuram (India) my life has come to a virtual standstill in last 3 yrs.whatever the efforts may it be in my career,personal,monetary front everything is backfiring inspite of the best of my efforts they are leading to no where except failure.i was told that i have Kalasarpa dosha and i have performed Nivarana pooja but to no avail.i am stuck in nowhere all i request is please guide me as to where should i head from here.where is my professional headed to and my marriage plz.i would be greatly honoured plz.
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