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  1. 'OM KSHAM PAKSHA JWALA JIHWE KARALA DAMSHTRE KALA RATHRI PRATHYANGIRE KSHAM HREEN HOOM BHAT SWAHA' IS THE MANTRA FOR PRATHYANGIRA DEVI.. By chanting this mantra atleast 108 times a day with due concentration, we get immense peace of mind.
  2. Namasthe...Request you for predictions on my career and foreign travel Date of birth : 03 - Aug-1974 Time of birth : 1.36 AM Place of birth : Chennai Sex : Female Present Place of living : Chennai Thanks for your kind help
  3. Prayaschittam for Abortion Is there any prayaschittam suggested for the unprecedented/doctor advised abortions please
  4. Koti Pranams to all learned Gurus of this forum. Dob : 09.02.1971 Tob : 6.50 PM Pob : Tiruchirapalli (Tamil nadu) Gender : Male This person is extremely abusive, arrogant, lazy and has problems in adjusting with collegues in office as well as family members. He is suffering from Depression. Can anyone suggest some remedies in order to make his life normal. With Prayers, Thanks
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